Crochet Color Block Pillowcase Pattern

Happy weekend everyone! It is going to be another uneventful weekend for me, full of knitting and crocheting. I thought I would post a new crochet pillowcase pattern in case there is someone out there with the same plans. I was actually planning on writing a review for the Loops & Threads Eco-Cozy yarn, but I think it is being discontinued as it is currently on sale at Michaels and they are very limited in stock.

Here is a brief summary of my feelings: I love that the Eco-Cozy yarn is made of recycled plastic, love the color options and it is pretty easy to knit and crochet with. It is also very soft. My only issue with it is that the finished product has a lot of yarn splitting out from it (not sure of the proper term for how to describe that). I also found that I preferred how it looked when I crocheted with it rather than knit with it. Overall I would recommend it because the price is really good and I love that it is made from recycled plastic. I hope they come out with something similar if this is discontinued. Nevertheless, this pattern should work with any size 5 yarn.

Yarn: Loops & Threads Eco-Cozy (Shades Steel Gray and Sage Green)

Crochet hook size N, Large sewing needle, zipper or ribbon

To Create a Pillowcase for a 20×20 inch pillow:

  1. chain 100 (leaving a long strand of extra yarn).
  2. single crochet first stitch into last stitch
  3. single crochet around x31 rows
  4. switch to second color, single crochet around x60 chain 30, single crochet 10.
  5. single crochet around x30 rows.
  6. On the last row, leave a long strand of yarn and cut the rest. Turn the pillowcase inside out and using a large sewing needle, sew through each stitch, attaching the two sides together. Tie the yarn together once you reach the end. Repeat this process with opening at the other end of the pillowcase.
  7. Flip the pillowcase right side out and insert your pillow through the opening at the middle. You can either leave the opening like this or sew on a zipper. I decided to just use some ribbon to create a bow.image_67226113


    This was a super fun project and adds a nice modern cozy touch to my home. Comment below on what types of projects you are currently working on, I need more ideas! I hope you enjoy this pattern too and also check out my etsy page which I just recently started back up. There will be more to come soon!

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