Crochet Plant Vase Cozies

I am hoping that I will be moving into a new place soon, so I am starting to work on some DIY decor projects. I thought I would share this really easy pattern to create crochet plant vase cozies for succulents.


The yarn I used for this was Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok in Cast Iron and Highland Fleece.  I used a size H crochet hook, but really any yarn will work for this project



  1. For the bottom of my particular vase (from dollar tree), I chained 15 to start off.
  2. Turn and single crochet into the second stitch from the hook. Continue single crocheting across. Turn, chain one and single crochet across. Repeat for a total of 14 rows.
  3. Then single crochet around the entire square to form a border, crocheting two single crochet stitches in each of the four corners.
  4. Next, single crochet only into the back stitch of the border all the way around for one row (this will start to create the sides)
  5. Single crochet normally would all the way around and continue until you have reached the height of the vase. You may also need to single crochet two stitches together or single crochet twice at certain points if your vase is not uniform width. For the gray one, I just added two rows of white in the middle to just tie them together a little bit.
  6. Cut yarn and crochet in any loose strands, then place your cozy over your vase and add in the plants.n+jOZ98mRgGAly5DBTG4Tw_thumb_7fe.jpg

This was a super easy pattern and they turned out even cuter than I expected. I am really excited to place these in the window sill and watch the succulents continue to grow. Please let me know in the comments if you try this out! Thank you for reading!


– Hannah

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