DIY Christmas Baubles

I am very late on the Christmas train this year. We were thinking of driving  back home for Christmas, but ultimately decided not to take the risk. For that reason, we didn’t get our Christmas tree until a couple days ago. Since all of our Christmas decorations are back in our storage unit at home, I decided it would be fun to make some quick ornaments to decorate our tree. This required a quick trip to Michaels for supplies, where I spent much more than I intended. However, making these Christmas baubles was so much fun!

Really, there is no limit to how you can decorate these, but for mine I needed:

  1. Clear plastic baubles ($0.99 at Michaels)
  2. Acrylic paints & brushes
  3. Tacky glue
  4. Glitter
  5. Ribbon

Strategy 1: Coat the outside of the bauble with tacky glue and roll in glitter. Let the glue dry, then tie a bow with ribbon around the top.


Strategy 2: Paint the outside of the bauble with paint and roll in glitter while the paint is still wet. Let the paint dry and then tie a ribbon around the top.


Strategy 3: Simply paint half of the ornament in a matte acrylic paint and let dry. Mine needed at least 2 coats. Then paint the other half in a metallic paint, the one I used is Deco Art in Rose Gold. The metallic paint required at least 3 thick coats of paint. I thought it was cute to make the line kind of messy, but you could also tape around the middle and make a neat straight line.


Bonus Strategy:

Leave the outside unpainted and fill the inside with glitter. I really wanted to do this, but I didn’t want to use too much of my glitter and the particular glitter I was using was very sticky. However, you can supplement the glitter with beads or confetti.


I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you some inspiration to make your own ornaments!


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