DIY Woven Lavender

This post is a throwback to a previous one on my original blog, Hannah’s Loop. It is one of my favorite DIY projects that I have done and is a great project for the summertime.

To create your own woven lavender, you will need:

  1. a few sprigs of fresh lavender
  2. cotton yarn in your choice of colors
  3. yarn needle
  4. scissors
  5. fork or wide-tooth comb


With the freshly cut lavender, you can tape the sprigs down in a row  on a table (placing the tape below the lavender flowers). Then, with your first color, weave in front and behind each stem of the lavender using your yarn needle, leaving a fairly long string at the beginning (see photo below). Then, for the next row, you should switch going over or under each stem (for example if your yarn went over a stem in the previous row, it should now go under that stem). After completing a few rows, you can use the fork or wide-tooth comb, placing the teeth in between each lavender stem and pushing the yarn up so that it is tight against itself. Continue with this process until you are ready to switch colors. At that point, leave a long strand of yarn at the end of the previous piece of yarn and in the beginning of the new piece of yarn.



You can play with where you start and end each color a bit to make some fun patterns. It is also nice to play with some different yarn textures. When deciding to change colors, make sure to sew in the extra yarn a couple times and cut it off on the side that is going to be the back in order to keep the yarn from getting loose. As you go, make sure to continue to push the yarn up with your fork in order to keep it tight.


Once you’ve finished the weaving, make sure to cut all the stems so that they end at the same length. Then, push the yarn as tight as possible with the fork and sew in all the loose ends.


After you are done, you can put your lavender in a vase, or I decided to pin it up on my bulletin board. These were so easy to make and I love to smell them when I am feeling anxious.

Thanks for reading!

~ Hannah


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  2. Stella, oh, Stella

    They are lovely. I will try that next summer, when my lavender flowers again.

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