Free Knit Multicolor Cowl Pattern

I have recently been working on some super exciting projects, but I thought it would be fun to get into knitting with this fun cowl. I have shared the yarns I used below, but I think the best part about this cowl is that you can use whatever small amounts of yarn you have lying around. So, continue reading for this free knit multicolor cowl pattern.


  1. Audine Wools by Knitcrate Hazle Yarn in dusk
  2. Wool ease in black, fisherman, blue mist, arrowwood, black, and grey heather
  3. 11mm knitting needles


1. cast on 70, leaving a long tail

2. turn, knit across x14 rows in color 1

3. switch to color 2 (use two strands at once if you are using wool ease or whatever worsted-weight yarn), leave a long tail in order to sew together later. Knit across x12 rows

4. switch to color 3, knit across x12 rows.

5. repeat number 4, switching the color between each set of rows. Continue until it measures 16 inches.

6. Cast off and use each color strand of yarn and a yarn needle to sew the two sides together. Cut the excess yarn and that’s it!

This cowl was so quick and easy to make. It is a great way to use any excess yarn you may have! It has been fun making some cold weather knits and I have more coming up very soon!



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  2. Maggie

    Looks so nice and warm!
    Very pretty colors you have put together, but It’s nice to know we can use anything we have on hand.
    I love it!!

    1. Hannah

      Thank you! I really wasn’t sure how the color combination was going to turn out, but I am really liking it!

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