Front Twist Knit Headband

Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2021 and I thought I would start it off by posting a pattern for these super easy knit twist headbands. Throughout the holidays, I made a bunch of these because they are so adorable. I hope you like them!

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick (love the many color options you have with this yarn) I used charcoal (gray), blossom (pink) and Dreamcatcher (multicolor).

Size 11 knitting needles



  1. cast on 10
  2. knit across
  3. turn knit across
  4.  repeat row 4 x39 rows
  5. knit 5, place the next five on another needle (you will leave these on a different needle while you knit the other five).
  6. turn, knit across 5
  7. repeat row 6 x9.
  8. Cut the yarn, leaving a tail approximately 6 inches.
  9. Now, switch to the 5 stitches you left on the other needle. Knit across
  10. turn, knit across
  11. Repeat row 9 x9
  12. Trim the excess yarn, leaving approximately 6 inches of yarn. Take the loops off both needles gently and criss cross the two sections. Push your needle through all 10 loops. knit across.
  13. 20201221_195446
  14. turn, knit across.
  15. repeat row 13 x29 rows
  16. cast off and stitch the two sides together to make a circle.
  17. Sew in the rest of the strands together and connect the crisscross portion by going through both layers to hold them in place.


Next, I got a bunch of these little faux leather tags from Amazon to add a nice finishing touch to my knits. I ordered some personalized ones from Etsy, but they haven’t shipped yet so I will continue using these for the time being. I simple sew these on to the side with some matching colored string.


That is it! These are so easy to knit, but the twist part makes them look very professional and add a lot of interest.


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    absolutely loved it! definitely trying this one! <3

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