Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book 3.0 and Volume Mascara


Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book 3.0, $59


I usually never contour because I have no idea what I am doing and don’t want to end up with stripes on my face. However, I recently received the Kevin Aucoin Contour book to test out and I was very pleasantly surprised by how easy these powders made contouring.


Is this necessary for $59? No definitely not. If I had not received this to test for review, I would never purchase a contour book. However, I do recommend trying Kevyn Aucoin if you struggle with contouring. The light shade really adds a subtle contour, but it actually does add a lot of definition to your cheekbones. It comes with sculpting shades in light, medium, and deep, meaning there are shades in here that anyone won’t be able to use. However, since you do get the blush and highlights it could be worth it if you really wanted to to try those out as well. Ultimately, I do think the star of the show is the contour shade and would purchase just that shade on its own.

Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara, $28


I was not excited to try this out when I saw how small the packaging was (albeit very fancy). It has a very small wand (which would be very good for lower lashes). Because the wand is so small, you really need to do many coats of the mascara in order to get any length or volume, in other words it is a very natural mascara. The plus to the small wand is that you can get every single lash.


I have a huge problem with under eye smudging, but while testing this out, I noticed it lasted all day and did not result in any smudging or flaking. When I went to wash it off, it came off so easily with just some warm water and I realized I liked it so much because it is a tubing mascara. If this was the first tubing mascara I tried, I would be amazed, but I actually think I still like my Maybelline Sky High mascara better. The Maybelline one doesn’t take as much work to get the same effect and it is less than half the price. However, if you are going for a super natural lash, the Kevyn Aucoin one may be worth it to you.

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