Loom Knit Garter Stitch Fingerless Gloves

One of the easiest ways to knit is by using a loom. They are easy to find in many different sizes and you can make a bunch of different things! For this pattern, I used a small wooden loom to create some garter stitch fingerless gloves.

Although I used a wooden loom, I definitely recommend using a plastic one, like the one shown in the video at the bottom because it has grooves that make it much easier to grab the yarn.

glove start.JPG

For my gloves I have used Lion Brand Color Waves in Twilight and for the main part, I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Chicago Charcoal. For the wrist of the gloves, I used one strand of the color waves yarn and one strand of the Hometown yarn for the main part of the gloves.

Her are my completed hand warmers! I love how they turned out and they are super warm!

glove tree.JPG

gloves + leaf.JPG

Here is the knitalong video that I used to knit these:

Check out the rest of the knitting tutorials I have found on my Playlist! Comment below with any knitting tutorial videos you have found.

Have an amazing weekend!

– Hannah

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