Macrame Hanging Glass Votives

Lately, I have been looking for more ways to repurpose things that I would normally throw out or recycle into decor & organization pieces. And something I enjoy doing from time to time is creating some macrame planters. So, I thought I would mix it up and use some old jars as macrame candle holders instead (although of course you can also put plants in these). Continue reading if you would like to find out how I created these little votives.


  1. Any old glass jars you may have collected
  2. Macrame Cord
  3. Scissors
  4. Fairy lights or faux tea lights (I don’t recommend using real candles due to fire risk)
  5. Wooden rings

Obviously, your jars are likely different sizes than mine, so I will give more general instructions on how I created my macrame hangings.

    1. Cut out 4 pieces of cord that are approximately 2.5x the final length that you want (I like to use shorter length for the smaller jars and a longer length for the bigger jars).
    2. Thread all 4 pieces of cord through your wooden ring
    3. Then, about 1/4 of the way down, create 2 square knots using two strands from each side of the wooden ring in each knot. Make sure the two knots are even on either side. This is easier to create if you hang the ring up on a hook (see photo below)
    4. Half way down, create 2 more square knots on either side, taking 2 cords from each of the first square knots, as shown in the photo below.
    5. Then, for the next part, it helps to hold your jar where it will hang from in order to determine where the next two square knots will be because you need to be sure the jar will fit between all the knots. For me, about 2 inches from the last knots, I took two strands of cord from each of the previous knots and created another 2 square knots.
    6. Repeat step 5.

Cut off the excess string on the gathering knot and trim all the cord on the bottom so that it is the same length.

These are very simple to make and if you don’t know how to make some of these knots there some really good tutorials on youtube. I think this is one really cute way to reuse any old jars you may have and I plan to use them to add some ambiance to my patio space. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

– Hannah


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