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The Sill: Pet-Friendly Plant Parent Bundle – 5 Plants Review

I really enjoy The Sill’s website and find it to be very esthetically pleasing, but the true reason I decided to purchase from them is because I am obsessed with their Instagram. I just moved into a new apartment with a ton of windows and am looking to fill it up with plants, so I decided to give them a try since they had a pet friendly bundle. Since I have two cats, I ordered The Sill Pet Friendly Plant Bundle.


  1. Parlor Palm
  2. Birds Nest Fern
  3. Zebra Plant Cactus
  4. American Rubber Plant
  5. Philodendron?? Please comment below if you know what type of plant this is.

They recommended letting the plants acclimate for 2 weeks before repotting. The rubber plant and the philodendron?? arrived in particular arrived in pretty rough shape. I have watered the ones that need watering and am currently letting them recover in the window.


My Thoughts:


There are a few different bundles you can choose from: Easy Care, Succulent assortment, Pet friendly, low light. You can also purchase pre-potted plants that look like they are in super cute pots. They also have full articles on their site about the plants they offer and they have subscriptions and workshops available on their website.


These sets do not tell you the names of the plants, or any information about them. Maybe, I am not enough of a plant guru, but I found it difficult to figure out what kind of plants some of them are. So, I had to go through and figure out what kind of plants I have. The plants were not in very good shape when they arrived. Particularly the rubber plant and the philodendron (??). I think I am going to contact them regarding the state of this plant and will let you know their response in a comment below.

Overall, I really would not recommend at least the bundle I got, even on sale, with shipping and taxes I ended up paying $46.64 for these plants (I believe 15% off). I know I could get a much better price on plants that are in way better condition. I will continue to update my blog on my plant collection and will post in about 2 weeks when I repot these plants. The pots I ordered are really cute and I am so excited to see how everything looks and update the status of the plants. Please let me know any plant recommendations you have in the comments!

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