We Are Knitters The Baby Wool Yarn Review

I really enjoyed creating my last review on the We are Knitters the Petite Wool and have been wanting to try more of their yarns, so I thought it would be fun to review the We are Knitters, The Baby Wool or The Baby Alpaca (there is one name on the label and another on their website). Today, I will just be reviewing the yarn, but I have also been working on a few patterns with this yarn that will be coming in the near future. So stay tuned for that!


Size: 1.75 oz/50g or 123 yards/112 meters

Gauge: 5mm Knitting needles (they do not list crochet hook size, but it should also be a 5mm crochet hook)

All of the color options are $12  except for the one I bought,  the sprinkle colorway, which is $15. I think the price on this yarn is pretty fair. You can find less expensive 100% baby alpaca yarn, but what makes this one worth the price is the amount of colors they offer. With that being said, I do wish it was available in some of their more unique color combinations, such as the Marshmallow or the Yarnicorn.

I think this yarn is pretty good quality. There were no areas in the skein that were tied together, which I often find with some less expensive yarns. However, I did notice some splitting and shedding with it. It is a very, very soft (as expected with 100% baby alpaca). This yarn is great for clothing that will be in contact with your skin since it is not itchy or scratchy. However, since it is only 123 yards, it may take many skeins to complete larger projects



Overall, I am very happy with this yarn and the colorway. It has bright pops of blue, yellow, pink and green, with the main color being a cream/eggshell. I haven’t been able to find many other baby alpaca yarns that have such a fun colorway. I particularly love how these colors look when I crochet with it (see photo below), but it it is also very nice to knit with (see last photo).


Website/Buying Experience:

My order did take a couple weeks to arrive and came in a nice eco-friendly branded paper bag.  Shipping costs $5.95 (free if you spend over $80).  You can get $12 off with my code: MGMAWTBZJ (this is not sponsored, its just a code that will also give me $12 off their site) Right now, you can also use the code KNITLOVERS for 20% off your order (just a random coupon code that worked for me). One thing I find interesting about their website that I just noticed is that there is a space for reviews, but there aren’t any visible reviews for the yarns I have looked at. I am not sure if that’s because no one has written any reviews or they just don’t post the reviews for people to see, but I feel like that is a very important feature of any online shop. Nevertheless, their website is a really fun experience and I am loving the yarns I have tried from them. Thank you for reading!


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