We Are Knitters The Petite Wool Review

We Are Knitters, The Petite Wool $14, 100g/153 yards


One of the coolest things about We Are Knitters is that they offer knitting kits that comes with yarn, a pattern, and knitting needles. However, I decided to just get the yarn since I am pretty good at figuring out patterns on my own. I recreated the Trendy Chale, which is one of the kits they offer. I will post the pattern I created next week.

Website/Buying Experience:

First of all, this is a very trendy company. Their website is so nice, it makes me want to buy all the yarns. But, I was able to restrain myself and got 3 skeins of The Petite Wool. I ordered my yarn on 12/8 and it arrived on 12/22, so shipping did take a while, which is just the current time we are in. When it arrived, it came in nice eco-friendly branded packaging. I got free shipping, which I was believe they were doing for Christmas. Otherwise, shipping costs $5.95 (free if you spend over $80). However, they are currently doing 30% off and you get also get $12 off with my code: MGMAWTBZJ

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 12.46.09 PM

The Yarn:

I noticed immediately that this is not the softest yarn. However, it is pretty soft for being 100% wool.  I have wanted this yarn for quite a while, but was hesitant because of the price and the fact that I was not able to feel it. The price tag is worth it if your are getting some of the more unique colors, otherwise you are paying more for the branding. You can get Patons 100% wool for $5.99 and it comes with more yarn. But I still would like to get the Speckle Denim and Yarnicorn while they are on sale.


The petite wool is 100% wool, worsted weight, and handwash only. As I said, it is somewhat rough and itchy against the skin. It is super easy to work with and is evenly spun. I did not have any splitting and there is minimal shedding in the completed garment. Overall, I think it is worth it if you get it on sale.


When I started the Chale pattern, I was worried that I only had 3 skeins of the yarn instead of 4 (which is what comes in the kit), however one skein of this yarn goes so far! I also love how the color change is quite random and doesn’t end up being striped. However, I will say that once it is knit up, it does look a bit baby blanket-ish, which you should just be aware of when you are deciding what project to create.


Overall, I actually really love the squishy, cotton candy look of this yarn. I just don’t like the price tag and the feel of it. I would give this yarn 3.5/5, but would definitely purchase some of the unique colors again.

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  5. Brent

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (which is a school project haha!) I got 6 balls of The Petite Wool* in the Spotted Blue colorway for 30-ish percent off during the new year sale. I too feel its a bit rough but I am going to use it for a few cabled hats. It is a bit pricey for what it is. I bought into the branding though and got 2 pairs of their straight needles in 5mm and 8mm and one of their #WIP bags. I really love that bag. I might do a blog post on it. Did you get any fun notions from their store? Their pins are neat, but I haven’t bought them yet.

    *(I just can’t bring myself to put that in all caps like they do!)

    1. Hannah

      That was actually how I discovered wordpress as well, through a school project! Although mine was for a history class, so not nearly as fun. I have just mainly focused on their yarn and fun colorways, but really want to get a pair of their knitting needles. I will definitely have to check out the bags and pins on my next order!

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